Adoptables// Pixels to good homes on the web!
Anyone remember these? Man these things used to be ALL THE RAGE back in the world of anime web 1.0! I rather like pointless, cute decor things like this and so I'm offering a little adoption center of my own! Feel free to download these using the links provided and to stick them on your own website! If I find one of my adopts on your site while browsing, or you email me to make an inquirey, I'll make you a silly little adoption certificate and link back to your site here on this page as the proud foster-owner of one of my little pixel piles! <3 Be sure to read their care instructions carefully and give them a good home! While not nessecary, it would be nice to have a link back here so folks know where you found them!

Forget-Me-Not-Shipping Bundle! - 04-11-2022
[Download] <<< Right click and save-as to adopt!

Adopt these vinatge Disaster Lesbian Rocket Scientists today~! They come as a pair and can make a home just about anywhere you place them, but they prefer dark mysterious laboratories and pokemon themed websites the most, feeling absolutley at home on the pages of Team Rocket-dedicated sites! Be aware of rampant codependency. Satsuki will attempt to seduce your other adopts, don't be alarmed, this is perfectly normal! Taylor may attempt to murder rival adopts for Satsuki's affections, this is also normal but may be an actual cause for alarm! ^^; Satsuki and Taylor may mate furiously, don't worry if it gets too rough (or involves sedatives, restraints, scalples or guns), they like that. If you find little mini-Satsuki's running around, don't worry, they're likley just clones. They'll dissappear one way or another. They always do...

Otaku Mascots// Window sitters!

I've gotten way too into making these dumb, pointless little interactive/animated window-sitters so here's where I'm gonna throw them as I make them in case you guys wanted one! They're pretty fun to do. :D

Popularized in the early 2000's by internet crazy person Jennifer Diane Reitz and made accessible and easy to customize via Stephen P. Lepisto's [Otaku Mascot] program, these little desktop buddies were all the rage on html fan-sites (particularly in the anime fandom) during the .com bubble hey day. Basically, this shit's older than dirt but with the advent of photoshop and too much time on one's hands it's a fun project and a nice little doodad to liven up your work space!

In order to use, simply:

1. Download the program via the link above.
2. Install! Still compatible with Windows 10, no idea if it runs on Mac. (Sorry Krratna!)
3. Download a mascot of your choosing and dump it into your mascot folder.
4. Right-click the default mascot that appears when you boot the program and select the one you want!

Jennifer and Stephen's website should still have a working archive of submitted "mascots" featuring everything from OC's to Anime, Manga and Vidya game characters. Expect them to be a taaad... dated (70s' anime represeeent!).

Zarla made a whole bunch of these silly things back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. As a rule I've always had a copy of Dr. Dowasure to run on my computer like a good luck charm. You can find them all [here]!

And here's the ones I've made that you can download for yourself:

Adeline Immortal Ver. 1.0 - 10-27-2016
[Download] <<< Right click and save-as to adopt!

Addy sits curled up on your taskbar over a layer of moss. Currently she just blinks at you and may be a bit off-centered, still figuring that anchoring thing out honestly. Future updates will include an additional idle with her falling asleep on you if you leave her unattended too long. Her click animation will wake her back up and reset her blink > sleep idle.

Including her psedo-crown animation at full height she sits 150px tall by 120px wide.