Artists from the internet and their websites~! Many of these span years'worth of my tastes and browsing history and have long held a home in my general bookmarks, maybe you'll find some inspiring or cool stuff that you enjoy too!

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[Teagan White]
[Demon Sushi]
[Katimus Prime]
[Ryoko Kui]
[Spacecat Studios]

R18 ARTISTS// NSFW ⚠May contain LOLI/SHOTA and GURO, hover for warnings.⚠
I also enjoy a lot of erotic artwork by a range of talented artists, my tastes trend dark, if its not already highly apparent from the content of this site, so tread lightly and with caution if you are sensitive to explicit material that might require of you a good brain bleaching.

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[Robots & Lace]
[Molten Gold]
[Uziga Works
[Endou Okito]
[Gengoroh Tagame]
[Mentaiko Itto]