CHANGELOG FULL// A complete record of past updates and changes.
04•08•2021 - Cleaned up broken links, added new links and proper hovertext has been put in place for the menu! There is new art in the Sketchlog!

02•07•2021 - Finished entrance portal, added more friends to the links section, cleaned up loose ends, we are live folks!

12•28•2020 - Reformatted the illustration gallery completley. Viva la Frameception! Affiliated with JA's Realm of Sailor Energy.

12•19•2020 - Sketchlog almost complete. Added teeny tiny itsy bitsy spiders friend buttons and reinstalled the hit counter!

12•18•2020 - Added sketchlog via WP hosted subsite. Brought additional linked subsites and accounts in line with current layout theme to the best of my ability. Linked the Zineshare in the subsite directory. is a creation of Lukadian (Luke M.) © 1998 - 2020
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