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Taken by Force (FF7) [Cait Sith/Cid; Red XIII/Cid; Chaos/Cid]
Cid is hurt by a variety of people; my first yaoi fanfic. [Illustrations by Ke-ko] NOTE: This is my first ever yaoi fanfic, so it's a very plotless PWP. That's bad-_^

In the Family (FF7) [Hojo/Cid; Vin+Cid]
Cid was hurt by an uncle when he was a child. Now he and Vincent meet the same man...

Atoning (FF7) [Barret/Vin; Tifa/Vin; Cloud/Vin; Cid/Vin]
Vincent feels he must atone for his sins, however possible.

Famous Last Words (FF7) [Cid+Vin]
Vincent denies his feelings, looses his chance. This HAS to be my most depressing fic yet. FYI: It's also a songfic.

Valentine's Day Gift (FF7) [Vin/Cid]
Sequel to "In the Family". I wrote this in a couple of hours, so excuse the mistakes.

A Night's Comforts (FF8) [Zell+Irvine]
Zell is upset that Squall doesn't care for him. Fortunately, he finds someone who does.

A Loving Touch (FF7) [Cid/Vin]
Vincent feels unloved, and only one pilot can make him feel better.

That Empty Feeling (FF7) [Cid/Vin]
Cid thinks Vincent has been lying to him, and hurts the ex-Turk to get back at him.

I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You (FF7) [Cid X Vin]
Cid and Vincent learn to love each other with their entire heart and soul.

You'll Be in My Heart (FF7) [Cid/Vin]
Cid finds Vincent before the others; the song is his POV.

Sounds of the Night (FF7) [Cid/Vin]
I try a new style for this little fic:)

The Sacrifice (FF7) [Vin/Cid]
Alternative Universe where Vincent has to allow Cid to die...or let his village be destroyed.

A Trainer and His Pokemon (FF7 with Pokemon) [Vin/Cid]
Hee-hee, another alternative universe^_^ Free time+yummy bishounens+crazy idea=THIS!

Soft (FF7) [Cid X Vin]
Vincent's musings on his lover.

The Midnight Hour (FF7) [Vin/Cid]
Vinny the vamp needs blood and energy; Cid just happens to be present.

Inebriation (FF7) [Cid/Vin]
A night at the Gold Suacer and alcohol ends up with Cid and Vincent romping^_^.

Beautiful Stranger (FF7) [Cid+Vin]
Cid wants Vincent, but the ex-Turk keeps rejecting him.

The One He Loves (FF7) [Cid+Vin]
Shera thinks she loves Cid, but Cid loves another.

Truths and Secrets (FF7) [Cid+Vin]
Vincent has a tiny little secret that Cloud isn't too happy about...

Quiet Times (FF7) [CidXVin]
A gentle night of lovemaking for the boys' one month anniversary... written for Cid's birthday^_^

ABC: Declaration (FF7) [Cid+Vin]
Quick challenge fic. Cid declares love for Vince-_^ Almost not worth reading...almost *grin*

A Cliche Spoofic (FF7) [CidXVin]
There's no real plot in this. Nope, not even a PWP plot. Really. Don't believe me? Read it, but promise not to be angry when your brain goes MUSH.

Blue Sky to Forever (FF7) [Vin/Cid]
Alternate Universe fic. Bwahaha, I cannot leave these alone-_^ Cid is kind of a mindwarped soldier (thanks to Hojo) and Vincent wants to make him human again.
Part 2

untitled "Trio" fic (FF7) [SephirothXCidXReeve]
I've thought up of a history that involves Sephiroth, Cid, and Reeve being friends when they were young. However, it seems the very first finished fic I do for this little series is a complete PWP excuse just to get them to have a threesome @_@ This probably won't be considered REALLY part of the series when I write more fics for it, but ya never know-_^

All He Wanted (FF7) [Cid+Vin, Vin/Cid]
Inspired and written in a few days during my last few weeks of this semester. Cid is overstressed by having to lead Avalanche and asks Vincent for some comfort.

Toy (FF7) [Cid+Vin, Vin/Cid]
Written after "All He Wanted", so even though it's in the past, it's kind of a sequel. I think it reads better being read after the other one. Young Cid is ensnared by a lustful Vince. Not 100% rape, but close enough to it that I feel safer giving it that rating.

  • If a "+" is between two names, it means that the first name loves whoever the second name is
  • A "/" means the first name has sex (or is dominant in lovemaking) over the second name
  • If there is an "X" between the two names, it'll mean there's complete mutual affection between the two; neither is really the "top" or "bottom"
  • Quick note: This is how *I* do things. Other authors might have an "X" between all names or something...