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Welcome to the unofficial Valenwind Repository an archive I threw together to preserve and share some of the older works in this long running, small sub-fandom based in the stupidly popular FFVII that often (though not always) romantically pairs Cid Highwind and Vincent Valentine.

This page grew from what was initially just a folder of junk I've been collecting for the past 15 some odd years and intended to share with fellow participants in a 2019 Valenwind fanbook project (As of writing this, presently in the works!). That is still this page's goal though now it is less some rando folder on my domain and sort of a mini-fanpage ^^;. Sorry guys, I know this is excessive as all fuck but I hope the end result is more fun to peruse than some unorganized folder.

Fellow zinesters and welcome guests, be you a fan of Valenwind young or old, veteran or newbie, guy passing through who may be flash backing to 2003 as you read this, I hope you'll enjoy this little collection of fan work from days of yore that I grew up with and have seen slowly but surley pass into the night of the modern internet and into obscurity.

This is by no means a perfect restoration nor is it done with the permission of the creators featured here but it's my small way of giving back to all of you for making my return to FFVII, to these good ole' boys, worth it after years of grappling with fandom, modern internet and simply enjoying things guilt-free in an increasingly unwelcome internet as we know it. Here's to you~!

Again, welcome. Pull up an overstuffed chair, lean in close, and drink your Gods@#$!'ed tea!


Cid and Vin's basic profile information taken straight from the game manual! For many our love for these characters began at first sight before we'd even popped in disc one.

Vincent Valentine, Tetsuya Nomura 1998 Vincent Valentine - "Too much hope is the opposite of despair... An overpowering love may consume you in the end."
Job: Unemployed
Age: 27
Weapon: Gun
Height: 6'
Birthdate: October 13
Birthplace: Unknown
Bloodtype: A
~ A Mystical man, stern and upright while at the same time dark and mysterious. His past connection with Shinra, Inc. is what made him join Cloud and the others. He may seem frail at first glance, but hidden inside his body lurks a fearsome power.

Cid Highwind, Tetsuya Nomura 1998 Cid Highwind - "Sit your ass down in that chair and DRINK YOUR GODDAMN TEA!"
Job: Pilot
Age: 32
Weapon: Spear
Height: 5'8"
Birthdate: February 22
Bloodtype: B
~ Cid is a tough-talking, warm-hearted old pilot who hasn't forgotten his dreams. There's no better pilot by air or sea. He believes someday he'll fly to the ends of the universe. With his handmade spear and knowledge of machinery, he throws himself into any attack regardless of the danger.

Below is an archive list of art, fics and fan comics. If a particular listed artist, writer or doujinka has a website I'll link to it or an archive!


Here's my best efforts to preserve the artwork of a few artists who were notable contributors to the early Valenwind fandom. Please mind some galleries may be NSFW! Artist's listed in no particular order.

Opop/Ke-ko/Kumi -

||Personal Site (Wayback Only)||

Opop-san's art was to Valenwind what K. Haruka was to the doujinshi community for the ship back when it was fledgling, rarepair and obscure. She ran her site from Geocities and several long gone japanese servers and formed a fast friendship with fellow formative fandom creator Tekka and created many gift arts for her and her fics. To my knowledge Ke-ko never produced any print doujin but she did several doujin illustrations for web publication.

Ke-ko preferred Vincid to Cidvin, with a younger, more agressive lead in Vincent to a submissive, older Cid. Opop stood for Older Person Only Page as a warning to younger browsers who might be too young or offended by her content.

She illustrated several pieces of Vincid smut, most of it gift art to accompany the fanficcer Teka's works as for the longest time Teka was one of the few prolific writers for R18 Valenwind fic. Her themes were often dark and featured noncon, dubcon and the occasional pwp absurdity including an infamous Nanaki on Cid action. Tread lightly if this isn't your cuppa. The internet was a wild west indeed.

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


Most of you may be familiar with Zarla through her modern fandom presence in MGS, Undertale and Half Life 2 amoung others, but when I first discovered Zarla it was through the pokemon and FFVII fandoms. Her artwork is far reaching and her signature style of humor is hard to miss. While rather dated (2003-2007 or so), several of these pieces still hold a warm place in my heart as my personal introduction to these characters in the conept of a pairing. Of particular note is the small chibi she did for me several years back during one of her christmas doodle give aways ♥. It was through her fan shrine that I discovered Tekka and K. Haruka's work and the rest is history!

Left flanking image for Shattered Right flanking image for shattered Original header image from Shattered


Most of the selection here is personal pickings and things I'd begun saving left and right during LiveJournal's infamous Strike Through event. Fandom trust in large hosting sites from photobucket to geocities was lost and lj's infamous mess was the alarm that rang too late. I developed a habit of compulsivley saving fan works and material from websites I frequented as mainstays of my internet haunting patterns began to go belly up. Scrapped here are the remnants of the fanfics shared through clusters of Geocities pages, and lj!

Tekka/Cideon -

||oocities||Wayback||Hosted Mirror (Fics only)||

Tekka ran a Valenwind fansite through geocities back in the day called the "Yaoi Federation". Her work was emblemic of darker, smuttier baby steps into slashfic I'm sure many of us are familiar with. For those who've not read many fics from this era I'd like to throw in the disclaimer that again, the internet was wild, we were all young and as such these fics reflect a young author with an unrefined style and are a product of their era.On that note, a modern caveat: Content warnings should be noted for noncon, dubcon, beastiality, Porn without Plot tropes and a wild songfic. For what they lack in refinement they make up for in passion. Tekka's fanfics forged a friendship over the pond with a talented artist who matched her written visions tit for tat and she had a diverse range of stories throguhout her library that is well worth checking out!

Due to the extent of Tekka's library I've mirrored it's contents wholesale here on this small site. If I have a high enough demand (Like, three plus honestly) I'll create PDF's and list them here!

Zarla -

||Shattered (Closed till further notice)||Wayback||

Much like her art, Zarla's entire fan site "Shattered" was a massive inspiration and my first exposure to then Valenwind pairing. Her fics can be found on her site, I do not currently have them mirrored due to the site's live-but-closed status however freely available links to her account listings and waybacks will be linked! Same as the first, a disclaimer that many of these fics are very old and date back to the early and mid 2000's, they are honestly personal nostalgia. Zar's fanfic was like AU central, from College modern AU settings to high fantasy AU whererin Cid is basically a motherfuckin' dragon, she took familiar characters and expanded the boundaries and limitations of their settings with pure enjoyment for the craft of world building.

The Workaholic - ||||Wayback|| - Listed on as Adventure/Drama.
~ In an alternate universe, Vincent has just entered college. Once there, he makes friends, studies, and tries to make it through college without his head exploding. Cameos from FFIV/II through IX. Eventual Cid x Vincent shounen-ai.

Dragon Wing and Demon Claw - ||||Wayback|| - Listed on as Adventure/Romance
~ In an alternate universe, the dragon race and the demon race have been at war for aeons, but two outcasts from both societys are about to break every law they know. CidxVincent, hints of ZackxCloud. Shounen-ai, some angst. Part 8 now up.

Watch You Breath - ||||Wayback|| - Listed on as Romance/Angst
~ Vincent, lonely and tormented as usual, acts on some of his feelings and uncovers stuff about Cid in the process he never knew. Cid x Vincent shounen-ai, part 4 up.

Ordinary World - ||||Wayback|| - Listed on as Drama/Angst
~ Sequel to I'll Remember. Vincent wanders the world alone, unable to find a reason to continue to go on...searching for something to give his life meaning, searching for the ordinary world he used to know. Slight Cid x Vincent. Songfic.

Northern Crater - ||||Wayback|| - Listed on as Drama/Angst
~ A quasi-sequel to Gaea's Cliff. The end of the game left a lot of loose ends... Hints of CidxVincent, but not quite.


Zarla's fics were popular enough to amass a certain amount of fanart from several different artists, most popular were obviously her AU's. Artist names are credited to the best of my ability with whatever username they first appeared under in the submissions gallery on Shattered.

Soshi - Fanart for DW&DC Norikuu - Fanart for DW&DC Sae - Fanart of DW&DC Kaite - Fanart for DW&DC Lilly - fanart for The Workaholic



Saesama's fanfiction still holds up incredibly well to this day, a talented writer she wrote several Cid/Vin fics exploring everything from angsty one night stands, to hilarious comedic one shots explaining amoung other things why the Tiny Bronco is such a unique shade of pink and why on earth Vincent appears to be lacking in the phone department as of Advent Children. With a wonderful grasp on most of the FFVII cast I'd highly reccomend viewing her others fics too if that strikes your fancy. Saesama was active primarily between 2003 and 2005.

While not often going further than a fade to black after some delicious, glasses fogging steam, It is unknown if she has moved on to Ao3 post the strikethrough and smut bans. Content warnings for dubcon, drinking and one instance of a C+V and Yuffie makes three, nessecitating an underage warning.

Waking with Consequences - ||||Wayback||
~ Getting drunk can have dire consequences, as Cid, Vincent and Yuffie discover. Strange idea, first FFVII fan fic, CxVxY, Read at your own risk.

Vincent's lack of Phone and Fashion Sense - ||||Wayback||
~ Why doesn't Vincent have a phone or different clothes in Advent Children? Because he left them at Cid's. Duh. Challenge from the VincentxCid mailing List. Rated for language and madness.

Vincent's Secret - ||||Wayback||
~ Vincent has a secret he's willing to share :3 Valenwind fic for MRE, rated for language, adult situations and goofiness.

Pictures? Why? - ||||Wayback||
~ Cid has a hobby - Taking pictures. Vincent finds out about it. (CidVincent, mild language)

Celebrations - ||||Wayback||
~ After a drunken one night stand, Cid reveals how he feels, but Vincent doesn't feel the same. Drunk people, implied sex, swearing and pure heart break.

-- - ||||Wayback||


The holy grail for any valenwind shipper was always the elusive doujinshi.

Credit where credit is due, nearly all the these scans were provided by Zarla and can still be found live on her webspace hosted on a small doujinshi collection page which can be found here! It was through her efforts primarily and those of the few who ran long lost websites like Smoochies, Toshi's Happy Hentai Home and Gongaga that we have as much valenwind doujin content on the internet as we do at all.

Scanlation was rough, hardly anywhere near as organized as it is today, you were lucky to have MSPaint and rudimentary skills in japanese coming together in so generous a combination as to have more than a small text script accompanying a zip of any given book. Dark times for the poor shipper looking for some good smutty reads. (Not that you need much, ahem, translation for hard yaoi.)

I'd like to of course mention two artists in particular, yes we've all heard of K. Haruka but I think it's worth mentioning her impact on the fandom and secondly my personal favorite doujinshi circle, Denki Brandy! Feel free to download these doujin from my own site or Zar's, that's what they're here for! All hyperlinks will go towards an individual zip of each listed title. Near the end I'll throw a "master" zip of the entire lot if it's not too hefty.

As I've gotten back into hunting down old/rare doujin I may add to this section with books not listed here that wind up in my own personal collection as well.

K. Haruka -

||Doujinshi Lexicon||Personal Site (Wayback)||Twitter||Pixiv||

Good old Haruka. With her plethora of content, incredibly slick, high-quality art style, many a valenwind shipper has read if not heard of her wonderful works. Her library is large and what I've collected here is but a sampling I intend to grow as I hunt down more of her titles. Haruka explored many aspects of Vincent and Cid's relationship and appears to prefer Cid/Vin moreso than Vin/Cid, featuring a sexually agressive Cid paired with a far more reserved Vince. Her works ran the gamut from silly and comedic like Chocobo's egg to dramatic and serious in tone like her limit break series.

Denki Brandy and others

||Doujinshi Lexicon||

The circle Denki Brandy (artist Mizuki Shuu) put out as far as I can tell, two Valenwind books, both of which are rather dear to me and one of which I own myself (Kenjyumushuku!). Their art is very ninties with big, poofy hair, vintage tones and has a warm, cartoonish style that makes their portrayals of Cid and Vin rather unique and delightful! The contents of their two doujin are serious in tone but contain rather sweet romantic stories favoring conversation and a "fade to black" approach with inplication over direct erotic content. My favrorite thing about Denki Brandy has got to be their inking style, enjoy this vintage circle!

Right-click and "save as" on each cover to download! Since I'm trying to get this fandom dump out in a timley manner I'll create individual listings for each book with publication year and other such minutia as can be found in my similar catalogues in due time!

Scandalous na Kizuna - K. Haruka Ultra Mega OK - K. Haruka Age of Zero! - K. Haruka Galian Beast - K. Haruka Rhapsody - K. Haruka Banyuu Inryoku - Denki Brandy Kenjuu Mushuku - Denki Brandy ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
In case of broken links or to acess the directory, please see this link: >>Here!<<


First and foremost I would like to thank Digi and everyone from the Gunpowder and Cigarrets Valenwind Fanzine project, without all of you this little archive wouldn't exist! I hope you all have found content you've not seen before and gotten to experience a little piece of this fandom's history.

Secondly I cannot express enough gratitude to the individuals whose works and efforts I've scavanged to keep their presence alive on the net of today. Zarla, Teka, Keko, Persinger, Saesama and so many, many others, your work made my youthful adventures on the internet so very fun and I will always cherish the hours of entertainment you've given to me. I hope you are well, wherever you are today!

To my beloved betas Alys and Seras who checked this page so I wouldn't make a complete doofus of myself before releasing it into the hands of a wild discord server, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there to tolerate and encourage my latest obsessions and pet projects.

This page is dedicated all fans of Cid and Vincent; and to Karla, whose egging on and infectious energy one fateful day in freshman year of high school lead to my very first Valenwind fanart, you and that first piece are lost to us now, but you will always be remembered.

Archive Last updated: 11/29/19