Devnotes// Just in case you were wondering~!
■HOST// AMSComputer Services (
■PROGRAM// Notepad (coded by hand)
■DISPLAY// Designed for Desktop (1024px wide)
■COMPATIBILITY// Displays marginally well across devices

Here you can find my devnotes and commentary, a sort of "behind-the-scenes" section for's current design and look!

My biggest inspirations for the new layout have to be attributed to oldweb sites maintained by independant artists and illustrators from Japan! Even today Japanese websites are a treasure trove of oldweb era hallmarks from link banners to more minimalistic designs that rely on frames. (Frames until death!)

The most direct influences were [Backfire] and [Or2] with the latter being the most visually obvious inspiration.

While not exact, I recreated the look using a two-frame layout for my true index, taking inspiration from Backfire, the smaller, top frame hosting the menu so I could link pages and content to display via the larger "mainframe". This would have the added benifit of obscuring directory urls for a small layer of security in the absense of coding using php (this site is pure html and css with only a dash or two of java for fancies!)

To balance the design and make a completley "framed in" symmetrical look, I added a div at 100% width to hold generic copyright information that would simply be carried over into every content page!

With my [last layout] I felt that it was visually a bit too small to host larger, denser pieces of writing, with a growing urge to host both my fiction and articles and maybe even blog posts here on my own site, I wanted a layout that would be versatile and easily accomodate large, wordy content and images but also be maleable to fit my habit/preference for "tight" and "compact" minimalistic sites. A hard middle ground to breech since both ideas are such opposites. I like to think the wider display that makes use of the entire screens width has been a good compromise and that it's eventual utilization will not be too jarring.

Lastly, the menu and some pages feature copious, weeby amounts of Japanese, this was two fold for aesthetic (another nod to the style and look of japanese sites) and a hopeful reach across the pond for bilingual guests! Most of the japanese comes with hovertext translating it.

Most of the sections and content has been wholesale re-pasted in, with not too much changing. The newest/largest additions of course being the Galleries, Sketchlog and Writing sections!