FANPAGES// Fannish Pages from the Web!
Fanpages, shrines and otherwise independantly maintained websites created by fans for fannish things.

Sites like this occupied almost the bulk of my browsing on the internet for years prior to the rise of massive, all-encompassing social media sites. With algorithms and ad-driven results in search engines beggining to crowd out the results and many of these pages falling to the wayside, forgotten as webmasters and mistresses move on to other hobbies or lost with changes in hosts and the shuttering of community based free hosting, (like Yahoo's Geocities), its felt more important than ever to archive and collect what few remain.

To that end, I want to link back and share fan pages I've enjoyed and been delighted to find still on the net! Many of the sites here represent fandoms of my own interest but if you're looking for something specific I reccomend looking through larger shrine directories like [emotion] or [Amassment]! Better yet, if you'd like to make a fanshrine of your own, why not hop on over to [neocities] and learn to build a web page of your very own?

POKEMON// NGL most of these are gonna be Team Rocket centric.