By proceeding forward you have proven to be over the age of eighteen and consent to viewing the explicit content of this website. That, or you are lying, but who would lie on the internet?

Before proceeding I would like to lay out some Terms of Engagment. Please read through them carefully if you wish to proceed:

Regarding all things fannish:

I operate under the three golden rules of fandom:

1. Ship and let Ship
2. Don't like, Don't read
3. Your Kink is not My Kink

Regarding everything else:

1. Do not repost my artwork, writing or screencaps of my page or its contents. This is rude and harmful behavior. You could expose nonconsenting peoples or minors to my work by taking it from its proper context.

2. All of my work is subject to copyright. Just because you “found it” and the “internet is free” (as it should be) does not make it yours. See the above point about reposting. Yes, even the fanart.

3. I am hard to contact because I do not want to be contacted and like my privacy; but if you really MUST tell me something, send flames and love to my inbox. I do not use social media.

4. I cannot possibly account for warning or labeling all of my outgoing links, assume from here on out that anything linked offsite could be NSFW.

5. I am neither a trained professional nor a certified "expert" on any of the subjects I explore in my fictions. Do not contact me looking for advice, legal counsel or to dump your unsolicited troubles. Although I might maintain a directory of resources, I am not one of them. I am an internet stranger.

6. To enter this site, click the lower right-hand corner of this page. Neat trick huh? Anyone remember the BSSM archive and it’s twenty million pages of rules and like the 33rd point was the real entrance? I’m not nearly so mean. Sailormoon .avi files man, kids have it so good these days.

Have you read the terms of engagment?