ILLUSTRATIONS// A curated gallery
Here you can find a informal portfolio of some of my completed works in B&W and Color.

To navigate this gallery select a section and hover over the up and down arrows in the left-hand sub-menu to scroll through image links, images will display in the right-hand mainframe. Hovering over image links will give you a sample via preview window in the upper left (helpfully labled "sample"), the title, a short description and NSFW warnings. All sample images will be SFW, so please note the desciption-- best practice is generally to regard all galleries on this site as NSFW. (Why are you here if you're at work in the first place? :P)

I draw both derivative and original works and have divided this selection into two galleries divided by subject matter: Original and Fandom. More of my works can be found on [DeviantArt]

CONTENT WARNINGS// Browse responsibly!
Hover text will designate a work as NSFW or not. All images considered NSFW will contain some level of violence, nudity or otherwise restricted adult material.

My work is transgressive and occasionally offensive. My subjects include the expression and exploration of the taboo and socially upsetting. My themes most often include sexual violence, abuse, queerness, kink and horror. You will find works inspired by the genres of [エログロ] [百合] [やおい/BL] [ロリ/ショタ] and [エロ漫画]. Consider these too, as "tags" which are being warned for.

If any of the above might be triggering, upsetting or simply a squick, take care and avoid these sections of my site if you must.

SUBJECT// What I draw
Fandoms I draw for currently include but are not limited to:

Team Rocket (Pokémon) - Focusing on the Gen1 villain team from the Pokémon franchise. Primarily focuses on extensive fanfiction, RP and original characters.

Original content includes but is not limited to: Stand alone designs and characters, conceptual illustration and artwork for original fiction, RPGs and comics. Original projects in no particular order include:

CoSCoN - An online fantasy/scifi blender rpg inspired by anime.
Gestalt - A mature High-Fantasy and Horror anthology focusing on Universal Taboo as a theme.