SITES// Subsites, shrines and collections hosted on this domain.
I've built and maintained several websites from archives to fanshrines! Here you can find a directory to each of the sites hosted here on this domain, including pages hosted for others! Mind splash page warnings while browsing.

Original// Websites featuring original projects.

CoSCoN RPG ~ A sprawling fantasy-SciFi epic RPG created by Alys and contributed to by WitchKnight, Arty-Miss, Baye, Seras, GhostThane and myself as players and fans. This website is an archive of the extensive galleries of artwork, world building, character profiles, original fiction, comics and massive RP Logs for an ongoing, nearly ten year old game.

Alys// Original Concept, Head Writer, Dungeon-Master, Forum Mistress.
Lukadian// Head Archivist, Co-Writer (Campaign II), Web Master.
WitchKnight// Beta Player, Co-Writer (Campaign 0).

Fandom// Fanpages, shrines, tributes and fannish archives!

Team Rocket Labs ~ "Disaster Lesbians and other Horrors since 1998". A sprawling archive of all my Rocketry Shenanegains. Includes over 15 years of fanart, fanfiction, RP logs, lore and love.

The Valenwind Repository ~ An archive of older Cid/Vincent slash works from the early days of FFVII fandom. Originally created as a resource for a zine project it expanded into a general archive of fanfiction, artwork and site mirroring where I could in order to salvage many dissapearing fanworks from the era.

Standing Still ~ A very old and very small shrine to the character Kamui (Saki Shibayama) from the .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet manga. There isn't much here and it might never get updated again, but it was one of the first fan pages I ever built. Also I still think the layout is cute.

Collection// Sites dedicated to cataloging my private collections.

The DoujinShare ~ My doujinshi collection! This site is largley a catalogue of japanese porn fan books I've collected over the years and aims to provide information on harder to find works alongside reviews, sample pages and resources for other fans looking to begin collecting doujinshi of their own!

The ZineShare ~ My zine collection! Sibling site to the Doujinshare, this site loosley catalogs zines and other indie-print odds and ends I've collected with links back to reviews I've written and where applicable places to purchase or suppoprt the creators! This is also the hub where you'll find all information regarding my own printed zines!